Financial Facility Construction - Clayco - Texas Bay Area Credit Union

Texas Bay Area Credit Union

Project Description

A new Branch and operations center has been completed by Clayco for Texas Bay Area Credit Union in Houston, Tex. The 25,000-square-foot building, which was previously a high security check processing center, was renovated by Clayco in 6 months, and included the addition of a drive-up canopy with 5 vehicle lanes. One of the more interesting aspects of this project was the addition of a Class 1 vault, record storage vault and restrooms in an area that contained a raised access floor, which required a new subfloor system in order to provide a smooth transition of the floor surfaces. The renovation included modifications to the electrical systems, an existing emergency generator, and the UPS system, as well as providing additional parking and a storm water management system not previously provided on the site.

The Credit Union has moved all of their operations and main office functions into the newly modernized building. The building was identified by the Clayco/Credit Union Team after an extensive search of properties in the area. The building is centrally located in an area of high member concentration for the Credit Union.

Texas Bay Area Credit Union has been serving its more than 25,000 members since 1936, and has current assets in excess of $230,000,000.