Multi-Tenant Construction - Clayco - Trade Center III, V, and VII

Trade Center III, V, and VIII

Project Description

The three Trade Center projects illustrate the diversity of the multi-tenant speculative office/warehouse market in the Earth City Industrial Park Complex.

Trade Center III, the largest, parallels Interstate 70 and provides space for up to six tenants. The building is completely leased with three tenants, the largest being Best Buy Company.

Trade Center V has one major tenant, ResourceNet and is designed with a large office component specifically for it’s major tenant. The facility provides docks and warehouse space not only for this major tenant but also for smaller tenants located at an opposite entry point.

Trade Center VIII, the newest and smallest of the three, was intended for a total of four small users, by utilizing a large, vertical tilt-up concrete angled panel, which reaches toward the parking area and held in place with a curved horizontal concrete canopy with two distinctive entry features. This facility allows for square footage variations between the requirements for office space vs. warehouse distribution and storage space, but still provides the necessary docks and dock equipment for a distribution facility.