Clayco Ι Alabama Manufacturing Facility Construction Ι Toray Carbon Fibers America Manufacturing Facility

Toray Aerospace Manufacturing Plant – Alabama

Project Description

Clayco and Forum provided design-build services for this 270,000-square-foot manufacturing facility for Toray Carbon Fibers America, the main supplier for Carbon Fiber Panels to Boeing for the 787 Dreamliner. The facility also supplies carbon fiber for Hubbell Telescopes and satellites, as well as lower-grade carbon fibers for baseball bats, bicycles, tennis rackets, golf clubs and automotive parts. Despite a one-month delayed start, the client was in every building on time for equipment installations.

The project included roughly 2,035 tons of structural steel and 8,742 cubic yards of concrete. The project also includes a tank farm, a waste neutralization plant, a recovery tower, a recovery cooling tower, a hazardous waste storage facility, a spinning utility room, a spinning cooling tower, an electric room, a carbonization utility room, poly floors, and a spinning, creel and winding area.