Clayco Awarded LEED® Certification For Gesa Credit Union - Clayco

Clayco Awarded LEED® Certification For Gesa Credit Union

St. Louis, MO (October 19, 2010)

St. Louis, MO (October 19, 2010) – Clayco Inc. announced today that is has been awarded LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for its work on the Kennewick branch facility for Gesa Credit Union.

The 5,600-square-foot financial facility branch in Kennewick, Wash., features significant energy and water savings and set rigorous standards for sustainable building design and performance. 

“We were proud to work with Gesa Credit Union on this project. Because Clayco has a strict commitment to basic levels of sustainability on every project, we were able to seamlessly incorporate our standard design practices into the project’s LEED goals,” said Paul Barrath, Business Unit Leader for Financial Facilities at Clayco.

Awarded LEED certification for a number of green design and construction elements, some of the unique elements considered for the certification included energy use, lighting, water and material use sustainable strategies. Water saving fixtures, such as dual flush toilets and low flow sinks, reduce the facility’s water consumption by 46.1%. Rapidly renewable materials, such as cork, were incorporated into the design, as well as the use of an eco-friendly refrigerant that has a negligible global warming or ozone depletion impact.

Due to the use of open design and clerestories, over 75% of the occupied space has natural lighting and over 90% of the occupied space has views to the outside. The new facility also features a decrease in electric use by 21.2% and a decrease in gas use by 20.3%, as compared to a building designed to American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1 2004 standards.

“We were able to combine state-of-the-art member-friendly conveniences, with exceptional environmental considerations to produce a facility that is both economical to operate and serves as a testament to our passion for healthy design and building,” said Christina Brown, President/CEO of Gesa Credit Union. “Our new branch facility in Kennwick reaffirms our dedication to environmental stewardship as we continue to urge others in the financial sector to join the fight to protect our planet.”

By using less energy and water, LEED certified buildings save money for families, businesses and taxpayers; reduce greenhouse gas emissions; and contribute to a healthier environment for residents, workers and the larger community.

“Building operations are nearly 40% of the solution to the global climate change challenge,” said Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair, U.S. Green Building Council. “While climate change is a global problem, innovative organizations like Gesa Credit Union are addressing it through local solutions.”

Gesa Credit Union has assets exceeding $990 million, and now serves over 97,000 members.