New Express Scripts Facility At Northpark Demonstrates Clayco’s Ability To Deliver Full Spectrum Of Services - Clayco

New Express Scripts Facility At Northpark Demonstrates Clayco’s Ability To Deliver Full Spectrum Of Services

St. Louis, MO (April 11, 2011)

Clayco Inc.’s unique capability to provide clients with all-encompassing services is being demonstrated in a new project for Express Scripts, one of the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in North America, in NorthPark, a St. Louis development area. Clayco serves as both the developer and design-builder for the project. 

Clayco, in a joint venture with Paric Corporation, will design-build a facility near the Express Scripts Technology & Innovation Center which formally opened in June 2010, and its two headquarters buildings on the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. 

NorthPark is a 600-acre mixed-use collaboration between Clayco and McEagle. Clayco provides its corporate client base with services ranging from real estate development, site selection, acquisition and due diligence, to negotiation of economic incentives and other financial services. 

“This is our fourth building for Express Scripts, an excellent client,” said Clayco Real Estate Services Principal Tom Schroyer. “This project demonstrates that even in today’s complex capital world, it is possible to put together a successful comprehensive development package. We are fortunate that Clayco has a solid financial reputation, great partners, and a strong team that delivers a full range of high quality services. What is being done is here at NorthPark is being repeated by Clayco for other clients throughout the country.” 

The 234,000-square-foot core and shell project, expected to cost in excess of $70 million, will bring together functions now performed at several other Express Scripts sites in the St. Louis area. Approximately 1,500 Express Scripts employees will move into the new facility upon completion, and the company has announced plans to create 150 jobs in the area within two years of opening the building. 

In addition to providing office space for the company’s growing business operations, the four-story facility will house a 13,000-square-foot data center that incorporates high levels of security provisions and multiple levels of redundancy with generators and backup systems. 

“This will be a multifunctional facility that will reflect the same high standards and quality as our past work for Express Scripts,” said Tom Strickland, Clayco senior project manager. “This is a complex project in terms of schedule and the scale of the structure’s tilt-up panels, but we are confident that we will meet our aggressive deadline and provide design features that will enhance the corporate environment for Express Scripts and their employees. We will also be integrating a variety of sustainable design elements into the project and pursuing LEED certification with the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).” 

Concrete Strategies is erecting the facility’s tilt-up panels and structural steel frame in seven weeks, employing massive concrete panels that are nearly 60 ft. high and 30 ft. wide, the heaviest weighing 230,000 pounds. The panels, which will feature large exterior windows that are 20 ft. wide, were braced with helical ground anchors to the outside, rather than the inside as is commonly the case, in order to accelerate the project and accommodate structural steel construction. 

Clayco’s design-build team, led by Senior Vice President and Partner Tom Sieckhaus, includes Jared Hegeman as project director and Tom Strickland as project manager. In addition to Concrete Strategies, Forum Studio is serving as the architect. Stock & Associates Consulting Engineers is acting as the civil engineer. Alper Audi is the project’s structural engineer. With fast-track construction techniques in place, the design-build team will have the facility finished in November of 2011.