Centene Centre - Clayco

Centene Centre

Project Description

Clayco has been selected as the construction manager to oversee the expansion of the Centene Centre located in Clayton, Missouri. This $770 million investment will expand into the Clayton community with a new structure adjacent to the existing Centene Plaza. The project will be complete with new office spaces, residential living, ground level retail, structured parking and a civic center complete with a full-scale auditorium.

The newly expanded Centene Centre will promote a healthy environment for all patrons through its creation of pedestrian-friendly, fully-landscaped walkways and public green spaces. The new buildings will be environmentally friendly, world-class LEED Gold certified.

This expansion is expected to bring 2,000 high-quality jobs to Clayton, with nearly half of these jobs being new to the state of Missouri. The proposed expansion is designed to meet Centene’s growth projections, while also creating a vibrant, mixed-use development that fits into the City of Clayton’s Downtown Master Plan.

For project and leasing information, visit the Centene Campus Expansion website.