Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union - Clayco

Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union

Project Description

Clayco is finishing work on a new 3,500-square-foot branch for Gulf Coast with a 2 lane head-on drive-up and a separate ATM lane. Drive-up tellers have a window but also utilize 2-way audio-video connections with the members at the drive-up. Transactions at one lane of the drive-up can be diverted to the lobby tellers during slow periods to reduce the need for a dedicated drive-up teller at those times.

Lobby tellers utilize the teller pod concept to emulate the Credit Union’s Main office and downtown Gulfport locations that were renovated by Clayco in 2014. Private offices have pneumatic tube from the office to the DU teller area to facilitate transactions that may occur at the office location allowing the member service rep to stay with the member while the transaction is being processed.

Branding elements include custom window treatments on the interior glass, metal canopies evoking the brand graphics of the Credit Union and the consistent use of color and finishes across all of their recent branches. Member amenities include a coin counter, internet station, coffee station, and full service lobby ATM. Completion date is December, 2016.