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Pedal the Cause

Project Description

The Clayco Team rides and supports Pedal the Cause because we all have seen what cancer does and we’ve seen victories and defeats along the way. We ride to help fund the most cutting edge research so it can to move forward.  Clayco is a major sponsor of Pedal The Cause and our 2015 goal was to expand our team!  In 2015 we raised over $83,000 and have over 90 riders on our team!  Our goal for 2016 is to raise even more funds and make grow our team.  You can be a part of it by going to and joining Team Clayco!   Clayco has been supporting Pedal the Cause since 2010!  

Children’s cancer research isn’t as well funded as adult cancers because there aren’t as many patients so the national funding doesn’t see it as having as high of an “up side”. But when you meet someone like Maddie McPherson or Claire Blaze you forget about everything else in your life because it’s then when you understand how important it is to find a cure to all cancers. Maddie passed away in March 2015 and Claire in 2013.

The Clayco Team rides because last year PTC funded approx. ¾ of all the pediatrics research done through Children?s Hospital?.. ¾ of all research!!!

In 2015, Team Clayco rode for a beautiful 3 year old girl named Emerson. Emme is described as having the heart and courage of a warrior. Even at her young age, she has an “Emme do it” attitude that amazes her family (Mom- Melissa, Dad- Justin and older brother- Luke) and staff at St. Louis Children’s Hospital everyday. She even practices giving her puppy Bailey medicine through his Broviac (just likes hers!) To say that Emme is amazing is an understatement.

The Clayco Team rides for our kids; Maddie, Clarie, Ethan and Emme, and all of their families because someday one of us might be fighting cancer and it is good to know that people care and people will be supporting us in our time of need.

We ride to recognize the courage and strength of these young people and we will try to provide a fun distraction from their treatments. We ride to celebrate life in general. We ride to improve the chances and improve the lives of those who find themselves facing an opponent that is unjust but an opponent that can be conquered. We ride to eradicate cancer as we know it.