Toray Aerospace Manufacturing Plant - SC - Clayco

Toray Aerospace Manufacturing Plant – SC

Project Description

The facility supplies carbon fiber for the 787 Dreamliner, Hubbell Telescopes and satellites, as well as lower-grade carbon fibers for many different products.

Toray is the recognized worldwide leader and largest producer of carbon fiber in the world. They engaged Forum and Clayco to design and build their new state of the art carbon fiber manufacturing facility. The new 670,370-square-foot facility, which is ¾ of a mile long, will be a major supplier of advanced materials to the aerospace industry. The site consists of 400 acres which allows for future growth and expansion.
The project will also include a tank farm, a waste neutralization plant, a recovery tower, a recovery cooling tower, a hazardous waste storage facility, a spinning utility room, a spinning cooling tower, an electric room, a carbonization utility room, poly floors, and a spinning, creel and winding area.

This project is in the design phase now and will be starting construction in July 2015.