UCMC West Campus Center for Care and Discovery Parking Garage - Clayco

UCMC West Campus Center for Care and Discovery Parking Garage

Project Description

The garage is connected to the Center for Care and Development to extend the campus’ level two public circulation system with a pedestrian bridge. The new lower-level service tunnel connects the new dock and services area with the existing campus material distribution tunnel system. The western portion of the garage structure is hardened to accept a future doctors’ office building above the Garage. The parking garage will be registered with the Green Building Institutes Green Globe Program.

The exterior incorporates the campus’ primary vocabulary of stone and glass materials. The primary structure of the garage is articulated and organized to express a hierarchy of scale between the mass of the building’s structural system with a secondary scaling element of an infill texture of staggered pattern of metal-framed, translucent glass and open panels. Additional panels of “kinetic-art” wind veils respond to wind currents and activate these large wall surfaces further enhancing the textural quality of the building skin. This approach allows the building’s significant mass to respond to the grander campus scale while also engaging the pedestrian community of students, residents, medical staff, and patients.