Jane DeDecker - New Heights at Shaw Park Plaza - Clayco

Jane DeDecker – New Heights at Shaw Park Plaza

The City of Clayton is home to a world class public art collection including works from Botero, Milles, Ben Tre, Trova.  As you travel through Clayton look for the public shown above.  This Bronze statue was created in 2001 and is located at the Corner of Brentwood and Forsyth at Shaw Park Plaza which Clayco completed in 2001.

Several letters were sent to artists, inquiring if they would be interested in the project, when sculptor Jane DeDecker was found through an art gallery in Santa Fe, N.M.

George Nikolajevich, lead designer with Cannon Design said: “We wanted something that would tie in with the building, the trees, life, nature and the presence of the park. It’s as simple as that.”

DeDecker created a 15-inch clay model, took photos from every possible angle and sent the pictures for review. After a few minor suggested changes, the design was commissioned in January 2000.

A structural engineer was hired to do all the calculations, factoring in the weight loads and the design of the base that the sculpture would sit on. Efforts were coordinated with the artist, Trammell Crow, contractors, city officials and unions.

After 18 weeks at a foundry for bronzing, on February 8, 2001 the sculpture arrived from DeDecker’s Colorado studio on a flat bed truck and was put into place by a 3-ton crane.

DeDecker describes her sculpture, which depicts children at play, as being about “goals and achieving them.”

“I hope that the piece will encourage children to express themselves and their ideas,” she said. “For adults, it is a reminder to support children’s dreams and discoveries, and possibly rekindle the uninhibited free spirit of youth that is within us all.”