Research Center Design - Clayco - CORTEX One

CORTEX One Multi-Tenant Laboratory Facility

Project Description

Clayco and Forum Studio provided design-build services for the first building in the Center of Research, Technology and Entrepreneurial Expertise (CORTEX) bioscience district. The three-story, 177,000-square-foot facility is located within a bioscience district designed to encourage small biotech manufacturing companies to market. The facility features a three-story atrium within a new office space, state-of-the-art wet and dry laboratories for research and development, and small manufacturing units for use of the tenants.

The facility’s design and construction addressed the needs of biotech companies by incorporating a number of core and shell features. The building’s floor slabs were designed to allow future installation of vibration-sensitive equipment. The building’s north façade features contemporary cantilevered glass. The south façade consists of site-cast concrete wall panels set at varying angles. A dramatic three-story atrium lobby is warmly finished in stone, wood
and fabric.

Sustainable building practices were key to the delivery of this project, which included using finishes and materials with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels to reduce air pollution. During construction, the collection and recycling of construction waste diverted more than 75 percent of the waste from landfills. Recycled rebar, steels studs, structural steel, tile, glass and drywall accounted for nearly 20 percent of materials in the core and shell. Locally sourced materials from within a 500-mile radius drastically reduced transportation emissions. To reduce light pollution to the immediate neighborhood, 90 percent of the building utilizes natural light. An environmentally efficient irrigation system for landscaping was implemented along with a soil water evaporation monitoring system to help reduce water usage.