Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union - Clayco

Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union

Project Description

Clayco has completed work on two Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union locations in Gulfport, Miss. Plans included a 1,900-square-foot renovation for the main office, and a downtown branch build-out of 3,000 square feet. Each location received technological upgrades and member service amenities.

The main office received upgraded energy efficient lighting fixtures, along with updated finishes. The existing safe deposit box vault was modified to a single-key, self-serve system in lieu of a vault attendant. The ATM canopy was replaced and a power assisted door added for increased handicap access.

The branch, located on 25th Avenue, the main road into Gulfport, features undulated ocean-inspired canopies to mimic the waves of the Gulf of Mexico. Also added was a new drive-up canopy with two-way video screens, along with expanded parking. Offices are connected to the teller location with pneumatic tubes should a member want to perform a transaction while accomplishing other business.

Both locations utilize teller pods, eliminating the separation of a teller line. Video screens mixing local and national news are prominently placed and a virtual queuing system introduced allowing members to sign in as they enter the facility.