Sports Facility Design - Cardinals Nation - Clayco

Cardinals Nation

Project Description

Clayco’s contribution to Ballpark Village includes the interior tenant finish for the three-story Cardinals Nation Restaurant and Hall of Fame Museum. Of particular interest, the Hall of Fame Museum features a special lighting fixture. The fixture has two corresponding 54-foot long light bars with a lightweight aluminum core bent to a curvature to mimic the seams of a baseball.  The seams are highlighted by 108 (54 on each) 15 watt LED light bars. The light bars simulate the stitches of the baseball.  Like the seam curvature, the “stitch lights” are aligned at a compounded angle to match those of a real baseball.  Like a baseball, the stitch lights are programmed to be red in color, however, the light bars produced by Acclaim Lighting can be programmed to any hue. One DMX controller allows the stitches to accentuate miscellaneous celebrations, i.e. green for St. Patrick’s Day, pink for the Susan G. Koman Race, red and green for the holidays.

The stairwell has wood features in the shape of home plate, and even the bathrooms are given the ballpark touch with bats mounted around the mirrors, branded with “Cardinals Nation” logos. To prepare for the museum’s artifacts, Clayco’s team of builders paid special attention to protecting the integrity of the room. With surgical room-like care, the team ensured the environment was clean and secure in order to properly house the expansive collection.