Real Estate Development - Clayco - Park 88

Park 88

Project Description

Park 88 consists of approximately 465 acres of development located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Peace Road and Fairview in DeKalb, Illinois. Jacob & Hefner participated on the development and construction teams with Clayco to help plan the layout for the park and various code review and due diligence analysis required as a part of the master planning process. The design of proposed building pads and sites, analysis of site grading issues and material handling quantities, as well as planning for infrastructure improvements and new roadway construction were all integral activities in this site planning work. Jacob & Hefner and Clayco worked together to create scenarios for development that allowed the project team to make important decisions in a timely and cost effective manner. The project team interacted and worked with city, county, and economic development officials to plan for the development of the park in a beneficial manner for all parties involved. The team was integral in defining incentives for development in the park that have created three new facilities constructed to date.

• 425-acre business park

• Master planned for 7,000,000 square feet of distribution, bulk storage, warehouse, & manufacturing space

• CRG/Venture One Real Estate joint venture