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Virtual Design and Construction

Our visionary approach toward the implementation and use of digital technology has enabled us to be at the forefront of today’s ever changing and competitive marketplace. For Clayco, this vision revolves around our ability to fuse the most advanced virtual design and construction processes with our talent. Our ability to integrate Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design Construction(VDC) practices into our processes ensures that we deliver a design-build experience that is second to none. Clayco’s Virtual Design and Construction Services include:

Our integrated project delivery approach is reflected through our belief that collaboration, quality, technology and safety are paradigms of a progressive design-build company. Our capability and proven track record of over 10 million square feet of BIM projects delivered exceeds the established industry standards and is emphasized via our integrated practice.

VDC is a natural fit for Clayco and an extension of our commitment towards our clients and overall business excellence.

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