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Integrated Services

We didn’t get into this business with the idea of changing it. It started slowly. Day by day, project by project, it started to happen.

We found that the traditional approach to design-bid-build didn’t suit us. It wasn’t right for us, and it wasn’t right for our clients. Some of the practices were outdated and some of the processes just didn’t make any sense. We learned we couldn’t live by the old ways of doing business.

As a result, our full service, turnkey approach to design and construction includes comprehensive real estate development, architecture, design-build construction services, space planning and furnishing selection and procurement. This gives our client a single point of contact and means that every communication is streamlined, speeding up planning and approvals to save time and money while ensuring that a client’s vision is understood in every step of the process.

We have strong relationships at every level, from clients to suppliers and subsidiaries, including Forum Studio,  Concrete Strategies, and Ventana, to subcontractors who work with us as partners and give us the best value in the industry.

Unlike the competition, our integrated services also extend to financing and logistics. With an acute attention to detail and streamlined process, nothing in the construction process is left to chance. We develop a logistics plan for all projects to address staging, access, material transport, material handling and labor issues. We mitigate owner risk through our strong bonding capacity, backed by our capital resources.

In essence, we have been practicing Lean Construction principles as a normal business practice for years. Our integrated approach seamlessly gives our clients an advantage and opens their buildings on time and on budget, which is why Clayco is recognized as one of the top design-build firms nationally.